Flex DWL 2500 LED cordless high CRI-value full-spectrum light 10.8 / 18.0 V

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Powerful LED full-spectrum light with max. 3000 lumen and extremely long runtime of up to 30 hours (300 lmn)
With Bluetooth app for lighting control for up to 4 lights and brightness setting in 5 stages
The all-daylight function allows colour temperature settings in 5 stages between 2500 K - 6500 K for accurate adjustment to the respective job requirements.
Ideal for checking the paint surface, determining colour and detecting paint flaws, holograms, scratches
Integrated power bank, USB port and charger for smartphones, tablets
Rugged and long-life for heavy-duty use
Connection thread for tripods
LED battery capacity display
FLEX battery system: suitable for all 10,8 V and 18,0 V battery packs.


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